18 luglio 2018

Green Lifestyle TV

Title: “Conference Panel on Green Lifestyle TV”.
Target participants: Media and communication studies, television studies, critical theory, cultural and gender studies, anthropology and social sciences scholars

Venue: University of Brighton, UK
Date: May 29 – May 31, 2009

The conference examines the global phenomenon of lifestyle TV through an examination of its discourses, technological contexts, regulation and varied audiences. This particular panel aims to discuss the recent growth in ‘green’ lifestyle television, in order to explore how issues of sustainability and ‘green’ consumption are being promoted through lifestyle TV.

This panel seeks to interrogate the recent rise in Green Lifestyle TV programming, by examining how the concept of lifestyle is being used in the communication and promotion of sustainability and environmental issues. It asks, how is consumption being framed; how are nature and environment being represented; how are issues of place, space and mobility being addressed; who has access to a green lifestyle; and how is citizenship being (re)framed through a greening of lifestyle? In doing so, the panel seeks to question the relationship between citizenship, consumption and power in the televisual promotion of green/sustainable lifestyles.

Contact: j.doyle@brighton.ac.uk
Call for papers: http://www.it.brighton.ac.uk/BigReveal2/papers.php
Website: http://www.it.brighton.ac.uk/BigReveal2

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