16 ottobre 2018

IPSA Conference. CfP: Election and Referendum Campaigns in the Media

International Political Science Association – 24th World Congress of Political Science

July 23-28, 2016 | Istanbul, Turkey

Open panel: Election and Referendum Campaigns in the Media

Convenor: Marina Dekavalla, University of Stirling – Discussant: Michele Sorice, Luiss University

Call for Papers:​

Elections and referenda are at the heart of the democratic process, offering an opportunity to the citizenry to have a say on the future of a polity, whether this is national, sub-national or transnational. This opportunity is often the only chance people have to influence common affairs, particularly in a world of inequality, where not everyone has equal access to participate in or impact on political debate in the public sphere. For much of the electorate, the media are the main source of political information and a key platform for debate on politics. The media’s significance is even higher during election and referendum campaigns, when citizens are seeking spaces to acquire information, debate and decide on how to vote.

This panel will look at how the media (broadcast, online and print; ‘traditional’ and ‘social’) represent electoral contests and referenda in a range of national contexts and explore the role of journalism in these major political events. How does the news represent key issues and political options during elections and/or referenda? What is the role of online platforms in engaging citizens with the political process during elections/referenda? To what extent do the media help redress inequality in participation by encouraging political engagement and by generating enthusiasm about politics, during election and/or referendum campaigns? Such questions are salient in a number of different national contexts.

Abstracts dealing with any of these questions are welcome. Abstracts should be no longer than 1650 characters (approximately 250 words) and must be submitted through the conference website at  https://istanbul2016.ipsa.org/events/congress/istanbul2016/submit-paper by 7 October 2015.


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