26 maggio 2018

Media and the European Union

Alla LUISS, per la prima volta, un corso sul rapporto fra media e istituzioni europee

A missed opportunity, an unsuccessful relationship: thus, for decades, it appeared the interplay between European Institutions and media; an imposing, rich, powerful communications machine produced insufficient, and cold coverages. In recent years, however, something has changed so quickly. Some examples: the media hype of a semi-direct election of the new Commission President in 2013, and, almost, the enormous increasing of tight theming of some issues: growth policies, after a long period of recession and austerity, Greek crisis, “Brexit”, and,especially,the migrant’s drama.

At LUISS University, for the first time, a free course (in English) over these topics: Media and European Institutions.

The teacher, Donato Bendicenti, is a scholar and a famous Italian journalist.


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