16 ottobre 2018

Special issue on ‘Populism and Nationalism: Constructing and Representing ‘the People’ as Underdog and Nation’

A special issue of Javnost – The Public has just been published with the title ‘Populism and Nationalism: Constructing and Representing ‘the People’ as Underdog and Nation’. The collection of articles has been edited by Benjamin De Cleen and Yannis Stavrakakis.

The entire issue can be found here: http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/rjav20/24/4?nav=tocList

Index of articles:
1. Benjamin De Cleen and Yannis Stavrakakis – Distinctions and Articulations: A Discourse-Theoretical Framework for the Study of Populism and Nationalism

2. Paolo Gerbaudo and Francesco Screti – Reclaiming Popular Sovereignty: The Vision of The State in the Discourse of Podemos and the Movimento 5 Stelle

3. Manuela Caiani and Patricia Kröll – Nationalism and Populism in Radical Right Discourses in Italy and Germany

4. Aurelien Mondon – Limiting Democratic Horizons To a Nationalist Reaction: Populism, The Radical Right and The Working Class

5. Carlos de la Torre – Populism and Nationalism in Latin America

6. Giorgios Katsambekis and Yannis Stavrakakis – Revisiting the Nationalism/Populism Nexus: Lessons from the Greek Case

7. Benjamin Moffitt – Transnational Populism? Representative Claims, Media and the Difficulty of Constructing a Transnational ‘People’

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