18 novembre 2018

5th Swiss Summer School in Democracy Studies 2018 on Populism

Populism is the topic of the 2018 Summer School. It will be held in Zürich (11-15 June 2018) and it is organized by the Department of Political Science at the University of Zurich.

The Summer School will focus on populism from a multi-disciplinary perspective ranging from its relationship and challenge to democracy, the style of populist communication in politics and the media, to both micro and macro aspects of this current political phenomenon in the West and beyond. It addresses both, individual attitudes on which populist support is based and socio-economic, cultural and institutional conditions making its success more or less likely in a comparative and historical perspective.

In a word, the Summer School is an ideal setting for junior researchers in political science, political communication and political theory as well as in various neighbouring disciplines who want to:

  • gain an encompassing view of populism in its variety through lectures and seminars held by leading international experts;
  • receive feedback on their own work from both, experts and peers in their field; and
  • meet and exchange with international experts and peers working on similar topics.

Five teaching days are scheduled, each of which will focus on a particular theme related to the overall topic of the Summer School:

Populist democracy (Chambers & Cheneval)
Populist cultures (Art & Caramani)
Populist communication (Stępińska, Hänggli & Dalmus)
Populist media (Hamelners & Esser)
Populist attitudes (Akkerman, Zaslove & Steenbergen)
The complete call for application, with full details, can be found here.
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